• ifiknew

    If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home

    Publishers Weekly: Readers will find these stories light, amusing, and warmly wrapped (as Housely writes in “How to Listen to Your Old Hair Metal Tapes,” one of three essays that conclude the book) in “that gauze of nostalgia, the soft edge that comes from growing up with something.”

  • notes_book

    Notes from Inside a Burst Bubble

    This book tracks the Penn State community’s reaction to the events surrounding the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. Articles from major news sources and literary outlets are interspersed with blog excerpts from Penn State freshmen. Taken together, these reflections capture a moment in time and show a community struggling to answer the question of what exactly “We Are...Penn State” means in this harsh new light.

  • commfictionslider

    Commercial Fiction: 18 Stories Inspired by Commercials

    "With Commercial Fiction, Dave Housley demonstrates his gift for literary sleight of hand, first drawing us in with his satirical skewering of corporate branding, before cutting us off at the knees us with his nuanced tales of desperate lives, dead-end jobs, and diminished expectations." BEN TANZER, author of Orphans and You Can Make Him Like You

  • fourfathers

    Four Fathers: Fiction and Poetry

    Four Fathers, a book I co-authored with BL Pawalek, Ben Tanzer, and Tom Williams, is out from Cobalt Press. Proof that good things do happen when you drink Guinness at the AWP hotel bar. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

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    Ryan Seacrest is Famous now available in e-book format

    My first collection of short fiction is back from the dead and available through Dzanc Books ebook rEprint program! CHECK IT OUT

Hornets! Hornets!

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I submitted a 33 1/3 book proposal to write the stories described in the songs of the Hold Steady’s “Separation Sunday.” Here’s what I said: Separation Sunday is a concept album, a series of connected stories about a group of characters – Holly, Charlemagne, and Gideon — who are drawn together by drugs and music, […]

Magic Power

NOTE: This was originally written, I’m pretty sure, for the blog of the now long-departed Dark Sky Books. The book referenced below was going to be published by them, and then then didn’t exist anymore and it wasn’t. The book does, in fact, now exist, and was recently published, after a long, strange, infuriating and […]

Giving Levels

I’m running a literary crowdsourced fundraising campaign to buy myself an island and have plastic surgery and body modification so I look just like Channing Tatum. Donate now and receive these fabulous gifts. All for a good cause! $250 million: my butler legally changes his name to your name. $150 million: I whisper your name […]

Wikipedia Brown and the Case of the Jewelry Heist and the Google Machine

So I had an idea and I wrote this thing about Wikipedia Brown and I sent it off to McSweeneys, and then it turned out, of course, that I wasn’t the first person to have that idea, see image below, or to write it up and send it to McSweeneys. Oh well. So…I wrote the […]

Grover Cleveland: Presidential Flash Fiction

Grover Cleveland: Presidential Flash Fiction

This is a piece I wrote for an anthology my friend Amber Sparks was editing, called Their Peculiar Ambitions, which was comprised of one flash fiction piece for each of the US Presidents. The book was supposed to come out on Dark Sky Books, which was the same publisher that was supposed to publish my […]

A Partial Transcript of the Creative Writing Workshop Session for “Thomas and the Magic Railroad,” by Britt Allcroft

A Partial Transcript of the Creative Writing Workshop Session for “Thomas and the Magic Railroad,” by Britt Allcroft

Here’s a thing that I wrote that nobody seems to want to publish. And that’s cool. It might be a little funny, especially if you have kids, and your brain is kind of mushy from reading, say, Thomas and the Magic Railroad every night for a year or two. In any case, I thought I’d […]

Damage Control: Alternate Grover Cleveland Story

Damage Control: Alternate Grover Cleveland Story

I wrote this for an anthology that my friend Amber Sparks was putting together called Their Peculiar Ambitions, which was composed of one flash fiction story for each of the US presidents. I got Grover Cleveland, which turned out to be pretty great after my father, who is a historian, filled me in on the […]

The Gimp from Pulp Fiction Applies for Dalkey Archive Internship

The Gimp from Pulp Fiction Applies for Dalkey Archive Internship

This is a thing I wrote in response to a whole kerfuffle that started up when Dalkey Archive posted this ridiculous ad for an intern. Maybe you remember that? Here’s a story from Slate that describes the whole deal pretty well. I posted this on my site because I wasn’t sure if it would piss […]

Ryan Seacrest is Famous e-book on Dzanc

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Ryan Seacrest is Famous is now available — again! — as an ebook through Dzanc’s ebook rEprint program. Yay, Dzanc! Here’s where you can get the book.