I'm a co-founder and fiction editor at Barrelhouse. This is a little literary magazine that actually grew out of a writing group. We met in a bar. Get a bunch of writers together talking about writing, give them enough Brooklyn Brown and eventually, you know, they wind up starting a literary magazine.

Barrelhouse aims to bridge the gap between serious art and pop culture. Is there a difference anymore? We don't think so, and we don't see why you can't write serious, touching, funny, smart stuff about Godzilla and Magnum, P.I. and Barry Bonds and heavy metal and fast food and Patrick Swayze. We've published fiction, essays, or poems about all of those things.

We've been really lucky to publish some super-talented writers, some of the best people writing today, we think. We've also interviewed Emmylou Harris, Ian MacKaye, and Chuck Klosterman.

It's good stuff. You should check it out.