Hi there. I'm Dave. I'm a writer and normal dude who lives in a small glass house outside Washington, DC. This site focuses on the writing stuff, because, really, who wants to know about the normal dude stuff anyway?

Metatextual interlude: Since you're here, you probably know me. I can't imagine what else you'd be doing here. Hey man, how's it going? Really? Cool.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, here's the stuff.
the book:
Ryan Seacrest is Famous: Stories by Dave Housley

My book, Ryan Seacrest is Famous, will be published by Impetus Press in October 2007. Soon! Click here to visit the book site, where you can check out reading dates, reviews, news, and excerpts..
I've written some stuff. Most of it is made-up.
Some of it is true(ish).
little web thingies
Some of it is short, odd, possibly funny, and online.
I'm a co-founder and fiction editor and all around do-stuff lackey grunt worker at Barrelhouse Magazine.
Can be yourspace too. There's plenty of rooom. I have very few "friends."
Get in touch.
"The thing about writing is this: it's only writing. Take some movie you like, take your shitty life, mix it up and see what happens."
some guy from the new McSweeneys DVD magazine, Wholphin